Many people have the desire to connect with the medieval era. The artwork I create allows people to do this by enjoying the beauty, detail and colours while others are attracted to the message. These illuminations bring together the magic and symbolism of the medieval era with empowering messages for the twenty-first century. Some of the images are just for pure visual enjoyment. Others are designed to inspire people to explore themselves on a deeper level, learning self mastery and finding an internal balance. Through this deeper understanding of Self, an opportunity for direct connection with the Divine opens up.

I believe the modern, materialistic world is crying out for meaning, deeper connections, and a sense of the sacred mystery. These works aim to inspire this in people.

I've just loved and admired your work all the years I knew you;  fascinated and wishing I could do art like you. Your work has inspired me to find and follow my own call, meaning and purpose. (J. Nix)

Your work for me was like a guide post lighting part of my journey discovering Celtic mysticism, spirituality and art! Thanks Tania for your art and inspiration!  (N. Moore)


Tania Crossingham,

store owner


I have been a lover of books and all things miniature since I was a small child. While studying art at teacher's college I stumbled across a book on medieval illuminations and I have been hooked ever since. There was no one to train me in this art, so I taught myself by studying images in books (before the days of the internet.) For thirty years I have been creating my own illuminations and commissions for clients all over the world. As a student of mysticism, my art reflects what I am learning and experiencing for myself. It is my fervent wish that these illuminations will be beacons of light, inspiring you to walk the Royal Road of self discovery to create a deeper understanding of yourself and a stronger connection to the Divine. I am truly passionate about Illuminated manuscripts and the joy and wonder they gift to people.